Sept. 1 at 12:00am CT Application opens
Sept. 14 at 5:30pm CT  Virtual Info Session 1 (Zoom link)
Sept. 22 Meet us at the Career and Experience Expo!
Sept. 27 at 5:30pm CT  Virtual Info Session 2 (Zoom link)
Oct. 1 at 12:00am CT  Application closes
Oct. 17-19 Preliminary Interviews
Nov. 11-12  Final Interviews

Early August 2023 54th Fellowship Cohort begins

Info Sessions are not mandatory, but we strongly encourage those interested in applying to attend one.

2023-24 Application

This application will be open from September 1 - September 30.

Letter to the Recommender: Applicants who advance to the final interview must submit a letter of recommendation by November 4. Please share the introduction linked here with your chosen recommender as instructions upon requesting the letter of recommendation. Review the FAQs for further information. 

This year's application will close October 1, 2022 at 10:00am CT.